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Concept 24 - -Has caused sympatric speciation in many plant...

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Concept 24.2: Speciation can take place with or without geographic separation Speciation can occur in two ways - Allopatric speciation - Sympatric speciation Allopatic Speciation - “other country” - Gene flow is interrupted or reduced when a population is divided into two or more geographically isolated subpopulations. Sympatric “Same Country” Speciation - Speciation that takes place in geographically overlapping populations Polyploidy - The presence of extra sets of chromosomes in cells due to accidents during meiosis
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Unformatted text preview: -Has caused sympatric speciation in many plant species -Autopolyploidy: individual has more than two chromosome sets, all derived from a single species-Allopolyploidy: species with multiple sets of chromosomes derived from different species (add them up) In Cichlid fish-Sympatric speciation has resulted from nonrandom mating due to sexual selection...
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