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Concept 27 - Photosynthetic cells 2 Nitrogen-fixing cells...

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Concept 27.3: Diverse nutritional and metabolic adaptations have evolved in prokaryotes Table 27.1 Etabolic Relationships to Oxygen - Prokaryotic metabolism can vary with respect to oxygen availability 1. Obligate aerobes: require oxygen 2. Facultative anaerobes: can survive with or without oxygen -Fermentation when no O2 present 3. Obligate anaerobes: Are poisoned by oxygen -Fermentation -Anaerobic respiration: substances other than O2 act as electron acceptors Winogradsky Column Nitrogen Metabolism - Some prokaryotes can metabolize nitrogen - In nitrogen fixation, bacteria convert N2 (nitrogen gas) to NH3 (ammonia) Metabolic cooperation - Cooperation between prokaryotes allows them to use resources they could not use individually - The cyanobacterium Anabaena 1.
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Unformatted text preview: Photosynthetic cells 2. Nitrogen-fixing cells – heterocytes Concept 27.4: Molecular systematic is illuminating prokaryotic phylogeny-A tentative phylogeny of some of the major taxa of prokaryotes based on molecular systematic Prokaryotic Domains-Comparison of traits found in the Domains Bacteria & Archaea Domain Bacteria-Proteobacteria 1. Alpha 2. Beta 3. Gamma 4. Delta 5. Epsilon-Chlamydias-Spirochetes-Gram-positive bacteria-Cyanobacteria Archaeans are often found in extreme environments-Thermophiles thrive in very hot environments-Barophiles thrive under high pressure-Methanogens live in anoxic environments(e.g. swamps & marshes); produce methane as waste product-Halophiles live in high saline environments...
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Concept 27 - Photosynthetic cells 2 Nitrogen-fixing cells...

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