CAPATALISM - Economic systems-som-needs of workers met...

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CAPATALISM The Industrial Revolution -Former peasants at work -Workers in slums Marx - Communist Manifesto (1848) -Capitalism doomed to fail -Exploits workers, creates inequality - alienation -Condition in which people are dominated by forces of their own creation that confront them as alien powers Aspects of alienation -product : worker never sees finished product -process : worker involved only in part of production -people : relationships based on monetary worth -self : creativity is human, wage labor defies our nature -Chinese gold farmers - social class - Bourgeoisie -Capitalists- own means of production, keep profits -Proletariat -Workers- sell their labor, don’t keep profits they help to create -Bourgeoisie exploit proletariat -2+2=5 -Proletariat should rise up against bourgeoisie, establish communism
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Unformatted text preview: Economic systems-som-needs of workers met outside market-Principles: equality and morality-Communism-Production owned by the state, which provides for needs of everyone-classless society, no more exploitation-social democracy: capitalism regulated by elements of som-balances capitalism with protections for the underprivileged-Public education-Social security Corporation-entity with a legal personhood distinct from its members-motivated by profit-Marx:-Corporations exploit workers-Corporations have no humanity, sense of right and wrong Unions-union : organization of workers formally united for collective bargaining-union busting : when a company attacks a union or unionizing efforts...
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CAPATALISM - Economic systems-som-needs of workers met...

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