Gender - -Doesn’t explain why structures change-Conflict...

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Gender: Inequality Terms -Sex -Biological differences between males and females -Gender -Social construction built around sex -Sexuality -Sexual desire, preference, identity, and behavior Genders -Male -Female -Transgendered children -Surgery for ambiguous genitalia -1-2 in 1,000 births (2000) -Assign gender based on biological tests Transgendered adults -Gender identity disorder -“Born into the wrong gender” -Psychological disorder -Treat with surgery and/or mental health care -Social issues= most severe problem Patriarchy -A nearly universal system involving the subordination of femininity to masculinity -Why patriarchy? (the woman question) -Structural functionalism -sexual division of labor insures a stable society -nuclear family is ideal for reproducing workers - critiques -Too simplistic: says the structure exists because it works
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Unformatted text preview: -Doesn’t explain why structures change-Conflict theory -Capitalism and patriarchy make women dependent on men-Marx + feminism = radical feminism-Critiques-all gender differences don’t come from inequality-Men and women can be equal in capitalism-symbolic interactions-Gender is not fixed, it comes from our interactions-“doing gender”- playing gender roles-Critique-Downplays the role of social structure, power, and history Feminism-Movement to raise consciousness that gender is an organizing principle of life-Personal is political-Women and men should have equal opportunities and respect Black feminism-Early feminism was by, for, and about white middle-class women-Women exist in a “matrix of domination”...
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  • feminism -Early feminism, problem Patriarchy -A, masculinity -Why patriarchy, radical feminism -Critiques

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Gender - -Doesn’t explain why structures change-Conflict...

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