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RELIGION - Religious entrepreneurship-If you can’t beat...

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RELIGION -A system of benefits and practices regarding sacred things Marx -Religion is the “opium of the masses” -Maintains inequality and oppression Weber -Verstehen: empathetic understanding -Protestantism necessary for capitalism Durkheim -Treat all religions as real, look for commonalities -Religion perpetuates social solidarity Sacred vs. Profane -Sacred : holy things put to special use, kept separate from the profane -Profane: things from the everyday realm Microsociology of religion -Religious experiences -an individual’s experience of spiritual feelings and acts -Embodied practices -Reflexive spirituality -Look to religion for meaning farther than absolute truth Atheists -3 million in U.S. -Discrimination -“Coming out of the closet” -Activism Shopping for religion -1/3 of Americans switch affiliations -Economic perspective: -ministers = salespeople -churchgoers = consumers -Time and money exchanged for supernatural compensator : -Rewards that promise future rewards
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Unformatted text preview: Religious entrepreneurship-If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em-secular services(coffee shops, gyms)-Appeal to young generation-Bigger is better- Megachurch : Conservative Protestant Church with at least 2,000 attendees per week-Speed pleases- Offer quick services, convenient locations-“Sexy” sells-Bible is “too big and freaky looking”-Biblezines mesh theology with youth culture-Positive or negative aspects? Critiques-Religion = sacred-Business = profane (ordinary)-Marketing “theology lite” Religion and social distance-social distance scales-measure degree of closeness with members of diverse groups-show strength of prejudice Religion and social distance (2003) Which group disagrees with your vision of American society?-Atheists-Muslims-Conservative Christians-Jews Would you disapprove if your child wanted to marry a/an…? Atheist Muslim Jew Conservative Christian Religion of presidents...
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