Science - Boundary work-Research conducted on the border...

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Last bite from health - U.S. = highest obesity in the world - Recent increase in : inactive lifestyles, portion sizes, cheap high calorie food (“extra value”) Normative science - Idea that science is unaffected by the personal beliefs or values of scientists, but rather follows objective rules of evidence. Science in practice - Social factors can affect choices about what scientific research is pursued. -Funding availability -Government policies -interest groups -International pressure or competition Social construction of science - Scientific facts don’t just reveal themselves, but are socially constructed. -scientists debate findings, discuss results, solve disagreements
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Unformatted text preview: Boundary work-Research conducted on the border between legitimate and non-legitimate science.-Either within a specific scientific discipline or between disciplines.- Creation Museum - Visiting the museum Cuba-2% of Cubans have internet access-1 hour online costs 1/3 monthly wage Digital Divide-Differential access to technology based on socioeconomic status-Digitally disadvantaged-Middle-aged and elderly-African-Americans-Rural Residents-Low income, low education What will the future bring?-Increased integration of technology-Historical context-Values, gender roles, political systems, etc. 1930 and 1990 pictues...
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Science - Boundary work-Research conducted on the border...

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