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SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH - Residence origins of the...

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SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH Factors influencing your health - Nutrition - Clean water - Lifestyle Choices - Socioeconomic status (SES) SES and Health Three Theories: 1. Low SES and poor health have the same causes 2. Health causes social position 3. Social position causes health Black women born in 1980s are ½ inch shorter than previous generations (60s) -Mid to low income only -Diet French soldiers, late 1700s -Peasant recruits 3 inch shorter than higher-class officers Sex and Gender Women -live longest -biological advantage -seek health care earlier Men -Risky behavior in youth -more likely to die from heart disease and cancer Marital status Married live longer -benefit greater for men But: Healthy people probably more likely to marry
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Unformatted text preview: Residence: origins of the ghetto-Great migration-Neighborhood associations exclude blacks-“white flight” to suburbs left inner cities mostly minority and poor-Depression-era homeowner loans-Inner-city black neighborhoods “redlined”-How can the ghetto cause heart disease? Income How can income affect health? Race-Why is diabetes nearly universal on some Native American reservations?-Pima tribe in Arizona-Farming depended on water from Gila River An exception?-The Hispanic Paradox-Despite low SES, new Latino immigrants have the best health and highest life expectancy- Why?- Optimistic outlook, stress management-More time in U.S.=worse health...
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SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH - Residence origins of the...

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