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Socialization How we internalize the values, beliefs, and norms of society and learn to function as a member of the society. Self Individual identity of a person as perceived by that same person. Looking glass self Comes from our ability to imagine how others see us. Generalized other Internalized sense of the expectations of others in a variety of settings. Agents of socialization Family School Religion Peers Work Media Feral Children Raised in isolation confinement or by animals. About 100 known cases ever. Rarely able to function normally in society. Status Rcognizable social position that an individual occupies Statues set All statuses one holds simultaneously. Role Duties and behaviors expected of someone who holds a particular status. Role strain Incompatibility among roles corresponding to a single status Role conflict Tension caused by competing demands between two or more roles . Gender roles Sets of behavioral norms assumed to accompany one’s status as male or female.
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Unformatted text preview: Toys Barbie commercial(1959) Gi joe commercial(1960s) Lareau, Unequal Childhoods Participant observation in the daily lives of families Middle class: concerted cultivation Parent actively fosters and assesses child’s talents, opinions, and skills Daily life: structured activities. Language use: reasoning and negotiation Parents intervene with formal institutions Working class and poor: accomplishment of natural growth. Parent cares for child and allows child to grow. Daily life: “hanging out” Language use: directives and no talking back Parents depend on institutions, often feel powerless Unequal childhoods Process by which children are socialized into their parents’ social class American Dream? Concerted cultivation builds familiarity with institutions, sense of entitlement Natural growth builds distrust toward institutions, sense of constraint....
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Socialization - Toys Barbie commercial(1959 Gi joe...

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