STRATIFICATION - Income and wealth-Income : money received...

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Stratification - Structured social inequality or systematic inequalities among groups - Many types of stratification -Class, race, gender Interpret this video - What kind(s) of inequality do you notice? - What do you think this video says about inequality? Code-switching(from Race) - African-Americans learn two languages: 1. The street 2. Mainstream society - Survival and success depend on knowing which to speak at the right time - Applies to many oppressed groups in the presence of the dominant group Lessons from I’m a Thug - Some racism is really classism - Consequences for failing to code-switch to “higher class” or “white” - Class is more than income What is class? - Socioeconomic status (SES): An individual’s position in a stratified social order -Occupation, education, income, wealth Occupation - Jobs ranked by prestige scores -Janitor=lower, doctor=higher
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Unformatted text preview: Income and wealth-Income : money received by a person for work or from returns on investments-Wealth: A familys or individuals net worth (total assets minus total debts) Defining poverty-A condition of deprivation due to economic circumstances-Government definition (1963)-Income thresholds adjusted yearly by cost of healthy food in Consumer Price Index (CPI)-Food 35% of Budget Example poverty thresholds(2007) One person $10,590 Family of 3 with 2 kids $16,705 Family of 7 with 4 kids $32,114 Family of 9+ with 8+ kids (highest) $40,000+ Poverty definition: criticisms-Poor spent more on food in 50s-60s-Now spend more on housing than food-No regional variation-Measured by income alone-Families living above poverty line cannot necessarily support themselves...
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STRATIFICATION - Income and wealth-Income : money received...

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