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ARLT101. Prof. Gustafson's Lecture Notes. 1st Half Semester

ARLT101. Prof. Gustafson's Lecture Notes. 1st Half Semester...

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Note: Here’s a collection of my lectures notes for the first eight classes in the 1 st half of the semester. Some of the material in these lectures notes might not have actually been presented in class. I offer them to you as a way to review the primary themes, topics, issues, concerns addressed in the first part of this course.] ARLT 101: Lecture 1 I. Welcome to the real world: the world of the imagination and the heart…the worlds and cities created by our words and fantasies, our hopes and fears, the world we will explore in this course. a. one of the primary objectives of this course is to convince you that once you walk through the doors of this classroom and once you begin reading texts for this class, you are not entering some unreal world of words--a mere place of escape and entertainment. b. I want to convince you that the real world is not just the world that one can read about in the Wall Street Journal or a world denominated by such acronyms as LSAT, MCAT, GNP and GPA but the world of the hearts and the imagination. c. I want to mess up your understanding about what is real and what is fake, and here studying the city of Los Angeles and its literature helps us out. For in this place, what is fake and what is real? d. Imagine creating a Facebook profile for Los Angeles; this is in part the project of this course. II. Subtitle for this course: Cultural Geography ---Map the city ---Provide a Thomas guide or GPS system to the city through its literature ---Get you off freeways and away from tourist places and give you a street- smart sense of this city… ---Visit different neighborhoods: Not just Hollywood and South Central, but Glendale, Pasadena, Lakewood, Brentwood, and East LA ---Provide a sense of place…. III. General Education Course: Intensive reading and writing. Make up for a lack….a neglect…. East-centric….. How many of you have studied LA/California? Know more about Boston and Philadelphia and London and Rome Category I and Category II: Western and Non-Western This course is about crashing and merger of West and Non-West Collision of peoples/convergence of peoples: 1492-1992 (Africa and Korea)
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Crashes—but also mergers Teriyaki Burrito Friction-fusion riots and interracial marriages IV. Cultural significance of Los Angeles: 500 miles wide and 2 inches deep…NOT Music and film: storytelling movies and literature: 1939 literary creativity—most significant literary region visual vs. verbal Most important contemporary writers vs…..directors…. Screenwriters? V. Fix you up with blind dates with books…. ----Why do we read fiction? ----Democratic thinking ----Listening to voices different than our own… ----Integrative thinking: merger, finding likeness, similarity, synthesis VI. What is your relationship to Los Angeles? Why do we read fiction?
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