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Unformatted text preview: Substance Use and Abuse Abuse Social costs of substance abuse 5 million alcohol abusers have million children under eighteen living with them (SAHMSA) with In 1998 the National Institute In on Drug Abuse (NIDA) estimated the costs of alcohol and drug abuse to be $246 billion a year, including the costs of health care, criminal justice, and lost productivity. Constructing a media panic panic Newsweek Cover Newsweek Actual MTF Data Actual Frightening graphic Frightening LA Times ad, 3/15/04 LA LA Times ad 9/15/03 LA Alcohol Use, 12 and Older, 2008 Alcohol Adult Alcohol Consumption, 2006 2006 The peak for binge drinking is 21,and only The gradually levels off for people in their thirties and forties. 50-54 year olds were equally likely to binge drink 50-54 as 17 year olds. as Adults have to reach the age of 55 before they are Adults 55 less likely to binge than teens seventeen and younger. Slightly more 60-64 year olds binge drink than 15 Slightly year olds (13 versus 12 percent). year 65+ are more likely to binge drink than 12-14 year 65+ olds olds 65+ and over have heavy drinking rates similar to 65+ fifteen-year-olds (at just under 2 percent of each group). Source: National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) National Adult Drug Consumption, 2006 2006 45% of Americans 12 and over had ever used an 45% illegal drug illegal 42% of people who tried an illegal drug for the 42% first time were over 18 Nearly 62 percent of adults 45 to 49 had used an Nearly illegal drug in their lifetime, compared with 12 percent of 12 year olds. percent This percentage increases with age, up to 50 This percent by 18 percent Past year illegal drug use among those in their Past 20s and early 30s is in the double-digit percentages, dropping below 10 percent over thirty-five, around the same rate as fourteenthirty-five, year-olds year-olds The recent drug use of 12-13 year olds is lower The than all age groups except those 55 and older. than Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Administration Illicit Drug Use, 12 and Older, 2008 Illicit Adult Smoking in 2006 Adult Less Less than high school: 33% High school diploma:26% High Attended college: 23% Attended Bachelor’s degree or more: 9% Below poverty level: 31% Above poverty level: 20% Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Smoking and Age Smoking Between 1965, when the CDC first Between gathered data, and 2006, the percentage of American adults who smoke was cut in half from 42 percent to 21 percent 16-18 year olds past month smoking 16-18 rates is similar to adults thirtyrates five to sixty-four 65+ are more likely to have smoked 65+ in the past month than 12-13 year olds olds ...
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