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Đ C NG ÔN T P MÔN Đ O Đ C MÁY TÍNH (GI A KỲ) Ề ƯƠ BÙI TH D NG -2C06 - HANU Ế ƯƠ 1. Give 2 example of computer crime in detail. Explain how computer usage enable wide spread communication over the world? 2. Discuss the impact of IT on our society? 3. Explain the term: software piracy? 4. 5. What are the online communication? Give example? 6. What do u understand about computer ethics? Answer: 1. Virus can harm ur ram, make ur computer shut down, lost data Spam email, copy… Chú ý: câu nào cũng nên có ví d c th và chính xác, có c ngu n là t t nh t ụ ụ ể Ko đ c m h ki u tôi ko rõ là mi n b c hay mi n nam, giá kho ng t m…. ượ ơ ồ ể Nên có s li u và lý lu n đ m b o cho cô ko th debate đc ố ệ Question1 : _Computer viruses (used to refer to other types of malware, adware, and spyware ) is popular expamle of computer crime. When computer viruses infect your computer, they might corrupt or delete data and programs on your computer or even erase everything on your hard disk. (Love Letter virus Love Letter có xu t x t Philippines do m t sinh viên n ướ c này t o ra. Ch trong vòng có 6 ti ế ng đ ng h , virus đã k p đi vòng qua 20 n ướ c trong đó có Vi t Nam, lây nhi m 55 tri u máy tính, gây thi t h i 8,7 t USD. Theo nh n đ nh c a BKIS, ch c n đ ượ c
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"c i ti ế n" m t chút thì virus này có th tăng đ phá ho i c a mình lên hàng trăm l n. ) ( http://www.bkav.com.vn/kien_thuc_co_ban/24/08/2009/16/2471/ , accessed 24 th , March 24, 2010 ) _Other crimes involving atttacking a computer by cracking or unauthorized access to a computer system. Hacker might access illegally to a computer to copy or steal data such as software source code, personal informations… (Tháng 11/2002, hacker ng i Anh Gary McKinnon sa l i sau khi chui vào h n 90 h ườ ướ ơ th ng máy tính c a quân đ i M t i Anh. Nhân v t này sau đó b d n đ sang M x ỹ ạ ị ẫ ỹ ử án. (Source : http://www.quantrimang.com.vn/baomat/hacker/33913_10-vu-hack-noi-tieng- nhat-moi-thoi-dai.aspx accessed 24 th , March 24, 2010 ) Question2: Positive impacts: In my opinion, one of the most effective effect of IT on our society is the popularity and availability of information, knowledge and news all over the world. Everybody have many ways to approach information through TV, Internet, phone…easily and conveniently. Moreover, with the development of IT, providing information is more quickly, various and correct in modern life. Human can use lots of devices in IT era such as phones, computers, printers, Internet.
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