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Introduction to Information Technology United International College Introduction to Computers Glossary (With thanks to Dr. Haipeng Guo) accuracy 精确度 anti-virus 反病毒 application software 应用软件 backup 备份 CAD, computer-aided design 计算机辅助设计 CAM, computer-aided manufacturing 计算机辅助制造 case 主机箱 chassis 底盘 client 客户机,客户端 communications 通信 compact disk 光盘, CD compression 压缩 computer application 计算机应用 computer literate 懂计算机的 computer 计算机 CPU (Central Processing Unit) 中央处理单元 custom software 定制软件 data 数据 database 数据库 desktop computer 桌面计算机 digital camera 数码相机 e-commerce 电子商务 executing 执行 floppy disk 软盘 GUI , graphical user interface 图形用户界面 handheld computer 掌上电脑 hard disk 硬盘 hardware 硬件
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  • Central processing unit, Personal computer, desktop computer, Dr. Haipeng Guo, Information Technology United, computer-aided design 计算机辅助设计

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