Week5 - Group Accounts Users - Scenario

Week5 - Group Accounts Users - Scenario - Week 5 Scenario...

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Week-5 Scenario – Local Profile and Domain profile We always had some users who were not part of our domain since they used notebooks and were often off-site. The company who set us up with our MS Exchange Server 2003 set these users up with two IMAP accounts in Outlook 2003, one for when they are in the building and one for when they are outside the building. I don’t need to tell you how many issues that raised. I finally convinced management to spend the time and relatively small amount of money to configure our Sonic Wall firewall for VPN and get 11 user licenses. Now I am having major problems when joining these ‘roaming users’ to the domain. Copying their profiles to new profiles, takes a very long time as the have upwards of 5 GB in their profile directory. On the first user I ended up creating a new domain profile but after setting up their Outlook 2003 to work with the Exchange Server I had to re-create their other pop3 accounts, export and import their calendars and contact from their ‘Local Folders’ in Outlook, copy and past their desktop icons, and a host of other time-consuming troubles. My question in short is this: is there any way to CHANGE their current local login profile, (without creating a copy as that will take up lots of space and time,) to a domain profile so that all I will have to do after that is add the exchange account to outlook and remove the two IMAP accounts. I hope this is an okay first post on the forums that have helped me so many times in the past. What OS do they have? Depending on that you could go to the user profiles and copy their
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Week5 - Group Accounts Users - Scenario - Week 5 Scenario...

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