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Outline4 - The resulting mirror image compounds may have...

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OUTLINES FOR BIOLOGY 1201 Section 002 Fall 2008 DR. STEVEN POMARICO 1D CHAPTER 4 CARBON AND THE MOLECULAR DIVERSITY OF LIFE Carbon Chemistry and Isomers 4.1.1 >>>>>>>>Aside from water, most biologically related molecules contain carbon. Organic chemistry is the study of carbon compounds --- Organic chemistry --- Organic molecules Carbon atoms are the most versatile building blocks of molecules (see fig 4.4) --- Hydrocarbons
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Variations in the carbon skeleton can contribute to the diversity of organic molecules (see fig 4.5) . >>> Isomers --- Isomers Three types of isomers (see fig 4.7): structural isomers, geometric isomers, and enantiomers. --- Structural Isomers --- Geometric Isomers --- Enantiomers This requires an asymmetric carbon
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Unformatted text preview: . The resulting mirror image compounds may have different biological activities (see fig 4.8). Functional Side Groups – 4.1.2 Functional groups contribute to the molecular diversity of life---Functional groups (see fig 4.10) 1) Hydroxyl Group (-OH)---Hydroxyl group 2) Carbonyl Group (-CO)---Carbonyl group aldehyde or ketone . 3) Carboxyl Group (-COOH)---Carboxyl group carboxylic acids . 4) Amino Groups (-NH 3 )---Amino groups amines . 5) Sulfhydryl Groups (-SH)---Sulfhydryl group thiols . 6) Phosphate Groups (-PO 4 )---Phosphate group-Organic phosphates have biological importance in cellular energy storage and energy transfer. 7) Methyl Groups (-CH 3 )---Methyl group...
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