Ch5 - Ch5:SocietiesandSocial Networks Social Groups...

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Ch5:  Societies and Social  Networks Social Groups Aggregates and Categories Primary and Secondary groups Ingroups and Outgroups Social Networks Reference groups Dyads and Triads Group Leaders Instrumental and expressive leaders Authoritarian, democratic and laissez-faire leaders Dr. Asch’s Experiment Dr. Milgram’s Experiment
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Groups within Society Group —two or more individuals who have something in common and who believe that what they have in common is significant must interact frequently and share a feeling of interdependence Aggregate— individuals who temporarily share the same physical space but who do not see themselves as belonging together Category— people who have similar characteristics 2 main types of groups: Primary group— a group characterized by intimate, long-term, face-to- face association and cooperation Secondary group— a larger, relatively temporary, more anonymous, formal, and impersonal group based on some interest or activity
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Ch5 - Ch5:SocietiesandSocial Networks Social Groups...

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