bio lecture notes dec. 6th

bio lecture notes dec. 6th - DECEMBER 6TH! The final exam...

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TH ! × The final exam is cumulative. Half is old material and the other half is the new information! Same as the format as the other ones, just longer!!! × Best thing to do elaborative rehearsal with is with people in your class! × FIGURE 29.20a PG. 498!!!! × Memory is stored throughout your entire cerebrum × Motor cortex from the thalamus directing information to this part of your brain that makes decisions. How to respond and the decision about what you are going to do will be sent out using the motor cortex. × Motor and Somatosensory cortex: regions devoted to control of particular regions of the body × 29.29a PG. 498! × Where do we have a lot of motor control? Tongue, swallowing talking, face, lips, muscle of the face, jaw, eye, brow. Hand has more control than the arm!!! The whole rest of our body compared to our face is like the same size. o This related to cephalization!! The foot isn’t bigger than the hand, but it’s bigger in the leg. Because when we walk we primarily use our foot and ankle. × Don’t get a lot of information from your tongue even though you have taste buds! o A lot of sensory input around your face. Genitals don’t have any motor control, but they have sensory. They’re all smooth muscle controlled by the medulla oblongata o BE ABLE TO DRAW THE MOTORCORTEX × Homunculus great big hands, little arms, big face, little legs, thumb is huge! A representation of how much of your motor or sensory cortex is allocated to specific parts.  SYSTEM ORGANIZATION × Somatic motor cortex × Nuclei in various parts of medulla and pons automatic nervous system × 29.13 PG 493! × MOTOR DEVISION OF THE PERIPHERAL SYSTEM WHICH PART OF THE
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bio lecture notes dec. 6th - DECEMBER 6TH! The final exam...

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