Week 7 Psy and Intro to Business

Week 7 Psy and Intro to Business - Week 7 Applications...

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Week 7 Applications Assignment Psychology Devry University 1. What did you find was of value to you in the material on interpersonal relations? How will  you use it in your own life? I found that the information regarding people observing each other’s body language, and facial expressions were very interesting. It was also interested information regarding the different ways that people find each other attractive. Knowing that men and women see things differently, and feel differently about interpersonal relations will be help me in my future. Now knowing that me are more set on a woman’s appearance, than what women are set on men’s appearance will also be helpful information to me in my future. I always thought that women were choicer than men regarding appearance. I will use this in my life when meeting new people and approaching people in the public. Also, I will not judge people before getting to know them first. 2. What did you see in the theories of aggression that you could take and use with the  people in your life who have problems with aggression? How? What could you use to  help them should they ask? What will you use to help yourself better handle anger issues  you may have? I saw that aggression is referred to as behavior between two of the same species that causes harm or pain in some way to each other. Also, aggression comes in many forms in humans such as mental emotional, and verbal. People that have problems with aggression need counseling and also need to know that they are behaving aggressively. If no one tells them, they will not know that there is a problem. If a person realizes that their partner is acting aggressively, they should not stay in that relationship. Being a
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Week 7 Psy and Intro to Business - Week 7 Applications...

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