Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance - Cash f low from assets=cash f low to...

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Cash flow from assets=cash flow to creditors+cash flow to owners Current Ratio=Current assets/current liabilities Quick ratio=current assets-inventory/current liabilities Cash ratio=Cash/current liabilities NWC to total assets=NWC/Total assets Interval measure=Current assets/Average daily operating costs Total debt ratio=Total assets-Total equity/Total assets Debt-equity ratio=Total debt/total equity Equity multiplier=Total assets/total equity=(Total equity+Total debt)/Total equity Long-term debt ratio=Long-term debt/(Long-term debt+total equity) Times interest earned ratio=EBIT/interest Cash coverage ratio=(EBIT+Depreciation)/Interest Inventory turnover=Cost of goods sold/inventory Days’ sales in inventory=365 days/Inventory turnover Receivables turnover=sales/accounts receivable Days’ sales in receivables=365 days/Receivables turnover NWC turnover=Sales/NWC Fixed asset turnover=Sales/net fixed assets Total asset turnover=Sales/total assets Profit margin=Net income/Sales Return on assets=Net income/Total assets Return on equity=Net income/Total equity EPS=Net income/Shares outstanding P/E ratio=Price per share/Earnings per share
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Corporate Finance - Cash f low from assets=cash f low to...

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