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1. Panera Bread’s situation is to differentiate themselves from other quick service restaurants. The base concept that they use is to provide a premium specialty bakery and café experience to the urban and suburban community. They have a menu that specializes in fresh baked goods that are made to order and prepared for urban workers and suburban dwellers that are looking for not only a quick meal, but also a relaxing experience where they can come to unwind and also get some work done. 2. There are a few issues that need to be addressed along the way. Panera Bread’s marketing research has shown that of all of the consumers who had
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Unformatted text preview: tried Panera in the past, 57 percent had returned to Panera to try it again. This shows that Panera needs to obtain more consumers to try Panera, which would lead to those consumers coming back over time. There was also information obtained stating that of the people who dined at Panera Bread did so at a certain time of day. This shows that they need to get customers to boost the trial of Panera throughout different times of the day. Most notably dinner time, which is the most passed upon meal at the Panera Bread locations. 3....
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