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ETH 125 Day 2 Week 1 - with respect to our race and...

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ETH 125 Day 2 Week 1 I see race as being one’s skin color, appearance and physical characteristics. People throughout the world are judged by what color their skin is. One should be judged by what they can do, mannerism and ability’s. Ethnicity would be one’s biological background. Ethnicity shapes a groups culture. This would be food, language, music and customs. This would be social groups with a shared history, sense of identity, geography and cultural roots. These concepts are important in the United Sates because unfortunately we have a history of racial inequality. Even within races, there has been unequal treatment. Some people keep track to address the inequality and some use the concepts to compartmentalize people. There is too much discrimination in our society. One thinks if your skin color is different than another, than you are in a totally different class. We must treat one another
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Unformatted text preview: with respect to our race and ethnicity. I think you should learn about people you come in contact with to have a better understanding of their beliefs, morals, etc. It is also important in the workplace. This was a real eye opener for me. Until recently, I found it difficult to understand and relate to some of my co-workers because they came from other countries. The company had a cultural diversity day and we were given the opportunity to see where many of our employees came from and their heritage. The company eve had some of their foods prepared for us to try. This helps to understand why a person acts the way they do, and why their viewpoints may seem completely opposite of yours. We also learned that different ethnics groups celebrate holidays differently than we do....
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