Italian-American - My great aunt Sofia Rossano came to...

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My great aunt, Sofia Rossano came to America with her brother Giuseppe (Joseph) Rossano aboard the ship “Sicilia” on December 1, 1905. They came from their home in Rossano, Italy. It is unknown if they were named after the town, or if the town was named after them. It was my grandfather’s dream for our family to come to America. He believed that the United States was land of the free and home of opportunity for any one willing to work hard to turn their dreams into reality. Because of my grandfather’s hard work and dedication, my entire family enjoys a life free from the poverty of Italy. My grandfather (Joseph) and his older sister Sofia came to the United States first while my grandmother (Thelma) and her two younger brothers stayed behind in Italy. Joseph and Sofia lived with some relatives that were already here from Italy. Joseph and Sofia found it was easier and more cost effective for them to stay in Pennsylvania with relatives for support. Also, since neither my grandfather nor Sofia spoke English it was better for them to be with people of their own race and culture. The relatives helped Joseph and Sofia get their green cards so Joseph could get a job and Sofia could go to school where she would learn English. Joseph worked three jobs at a time to bring in the money he needed to bring the rest of us to the US. He could not speak English so he
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Italian-American - My great aunt Sofia Rossano came to...

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