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ETH 125 Day 4 Week 2 I think you are being unfair with your criticism without even giving me a chance to argue my side of the issue. A higher education is needed in order to advance in my career challenges. If I focus only on working, them I may not ever pursue my college career. Since I am very good at multi-tasking, I could go to college and start my job career. There are numerous places where I can apply for grants and school loans which will help keep the cost of my classes down. I know you have a fear that you will not see me as much when school starts, but that is not true. I have done some research and found there
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Unformatted text preview: are “on-line classes” that I can take. Therefore, I can complete my degree program from the comforts of our home. Once I start working, I can see what my hours are and create a time management schedule for myself. This will give me the time I need for work, college, and family time. Going to college will not change the person I am. It will change me by making me a smarter person and give me the skills I need to have a good career. If you do not have a degree it is very hard to make it up the corporate ladder. Please give me your blessing by allowing me to pursue my dreams....
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