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ETH 125 Day 4 Week 3 Would I want to immigrate to the U.S.? That would be a hard question. It would depend on how bad off my country was compared to the United States and if I was migrating with a family or by myself. After looking over the immigration process, I see the process to immigrate is not easy and there are numerous forms along with high dollar filing fees that are required. If I was coming from a poor country or had never worked my chances of having the required fees would be slim. I would be one to ask, where does the money go that we pay for our citizenship? I realize years ago the fees were not this high, but some of the fees are well over $1,000. If I did work over in my country and was migrating to the United States, the dollar difference from one country to another could also have a big impact. I would truly have to map it all out from start to finish. This would include how much money I have, how much I need to pay, what I have left, and what type of job can I get.
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Unformatted text preview: Should U.S. government policy favor certain kinds of immigrants? No. I feel that every immigrant should be treated the same. There is not one that is any better than the other. I think ones that are migrating with families should be considered first, only because of the children. Should citizenship preference be given to the neediest applicants? The most talented? The most oppressed? The richest? No. All should be treated the same. If a person has migrated to the United States and has been a loyal worker and citizen, then they should receive citizenship status. I do not believe in just giving it to anyone who wants it. I feel a person has to prove they really want to be in the United States. Should applicants from certain countries be given priority? No. Once again, I believe in everyone being treated equally. They should be handled in a numeric manner. As the application is filed out, that is the order they should be done. No special treatment for anyone....
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