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ETH 125 Day 2 Week 4 - was really repressed during the...

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ETH 125 Day 2 Week 4 What I think is that by having slavery it made the whites seem that they were the ones more powerful than the blacks back then and still today we still have a problem with racism and dealing with glass walls, glass ceilings, and glass escalators at jobs. In the South, what is seen as traits of (blacks) are really things learned in slavery… shuffling, avoiding eye contact, avoiding controversy, and not speaking out. The South
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Unformatted text preview: was really repressed during the after war years, and a culture came about to keep it as is till the south can rise again. It persists here in language and innuendos. In the deep south, it probably persists in social circles, housing, etc. I really don’t think slavery did so much as influencing, as did the social structure in reconstruction influenced the evolution today....
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