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ETH 125 Day 4 Week 4 I think all these are challenges in our society today, but I see home life being the biggest. There are so many broken homes where children do not get the education they need and attention from parents to cope in today’s society. When was the last time you asked your child how school was today? When did the entire family sit down to have dinner together? There seems to be many obstacles for the African American to overcome. All these things will eventually change but it will take a slow journey. Prejudices are handed down from generation to generation and are gradually diluted in time. Attitudes are
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Unformatted text preview: harder to change once they have become ingrained into the psyche. Bridges need to be built and African Americans must help white people to take the necessary steps to erase these prejudices. In a sense it is the African Americans who should reeducate the white people who are racist and prejudice and show them the way forward as a lot of it is based on ignorance and fear of change. When communities start to work together and share respect for each other it becomes much harder for the bigots to preach their gospel of hate. It is applicable worldwide and deals with race creed and social class struggle....
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