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ETH 125 Day 4 Week 5 According to Payne in making enemies she contends that throughout the United States there has been increased prejudice against Muslims and Arabs after 9/11. She also contends that this was exacerbated by the United States government's actions, and response, to these people in response to the terrorist attacks. More then just effectively condoning this type of behavior it also served to encourage discrimination as an act of patriotism. The strong negative emotional aspect tied to Muslims and Arabs after 9/11 would entice a greater incidence of hate crimes against these groups. This would only be aggravated, as Payne suggested, by those who were more patriotic; as treating Muslims and Arabs would be perceived as supporting the United States. Furthermore, the affective prejudice made the Arabs and Muslims seem like lesser Americans or not American at all.
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Unformatted text preview: Orientalism would suggest that one does not trust a person of Asian descent. It is the generalization of cultures, racial and religious prejudices. It’s the differences between the East and the West. There will always be hate crimes against these groups. I don’t see the Asians being as aggressive as the Muslim or Arabs. A person can help within their city by acting as a support group to help explain the problems we face today with hate crimes. We need to become united by working together. We need to teach about the Islam and Muslim cultures as well as other cultures. One also needs to figure out why they have so much hostility against a specific group and get some form of help. There are numerous groups and organizations that will teach tolerance to help reduce the prejudices in this tangled world we live in....
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