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ETH 125 Day 5 Week 6 A current issue between Native Americans and the federal government is the Health Care Bill. This bill would update and modernize the Indian Health Care Improvement Act. This bill emerged from a two day debate on the Senate floor with solid backing despite the threat of a veto recommendation from senior advisors to President Bush. The NCAI stated, “We believe that issue has been resolved, it will be fixed in the bill, and the White House will be removing its veto threat shortly.” The statement of administration policy, issued on the initial day for Senate debate of the bill, stated strong opposition to eight other provisions and a handful of secondary items. The bill’s floor managers in the Senate did not call for a vote. A majority leader for the Democrats committed to further floor time on the bill once the Senate finishes time- sensitive work on another policy. The NCAI will continue to oppose any amendment to the bill until a “time agreement”
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