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ETH Day 4 Week 8 - Some of the differences between Chinese...

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ETH Day 4 Week 8 The life and religion among the Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans were similar in preserving some of the old custom ways. The change in family life culture is a difficult change for them. Divorce is rare among the Chinese and Japanese; there are no ties to organized religion and there is no single faith. The extended family is an important part of the community and high in group unity, politeness, and respect for authority.
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Unformatted text preview: Some of the differences between Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans are the children question the parental authority of the Chinese American which is a painful experience. The parental authority, mainly fathers is more absolute. Attitudes about sexual behavior are strict, they celebrate many festivals, and gang activity is from low wage work. Japanese find that religion is still a source of community attachment....
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