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CRT205 WK2 DQ2 - always in a hurry has nothing to do with...

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The entire e-mail is vague and unclear. The student does not state how critical thinking affects him. He stated that he has to read material, but does not say what that material is. The student needs to take the time and explain in some detail how critical thinking affects him on a daily basis. The sentence “Clear writing is the hardest thing in the world” is unclear. The student needs to explain what he means by “clear writing”. I do not know what the student is trying to say in the second paragraph. The sentence structure in the second paragraph does not make any since. The sentence that talks about business people writing fast because they are
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Unformatted text preview: always in a hurry has nothing to do with critical thinking or writing. The student could have said “business people that are always in a hurry need to be a little more cautious when composing a document. Getting in the mode of hurry-up can produce flaws in the document.” The paragraph that talks about the student’s aunt and uncle is discriminating to business people. Just because a professor writes journals does not make them a better writer or thinker than a business person. The student could have used his aunt as an example in how she prepares to write on a topic and not compare the uncle to the aunt....
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