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CRT205 WK8 DQ1 - him to be in my life or my kids’ The...

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The issue that I am confronted with every month that has my morals playing a large role is, letting my niece see her father. Her father happens to be my step-brother and at the same time a convicted felon. My family took him and his wife to court to get custody of the kids. The judge did grant us sole custody and now my step-brother only has supervised visits at the family’s discretion. Now that we do have custody I have the moral responsibility of making sure my niece still knows her father even though I do not want
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Unformatted text preview: him to be in my life or my kids’. The only difference that I saw in my decision is, logically I was not letting my kids be around my step-brother but morally I could not keep my niece from knowing and loving her father. The consequence of keeping her from knowing her father could have resulted in her rebelling against us and becoming a problem child....
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