CRT205 WK3 Argument Credibility CheckPoint Part 1

CRT205 WK3 Argument Credibility CheckPoint Part 1 - CEO...

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The news video that I watched is located on and is titled “Al Qaeda Airlines” The video talks about how a couple of news journalists wearing Al Qaeda Airlines uniforms walked past security and planted fake bombs on a airplane. The incident took place in Romania but the concern is the potential of terrorists gaining access to planes from other countries and causing devastation to America and other European countries. My observation of the video clip is limited. The clip only showed a portion of the un-named journalists having access to the hull of the plane. The rest of the clip is the Fox News journalists talking about the incident. The only background information is the word of the Fox News journalists that are covering the story and the special analyst, Robert Strang. The only expertise that can be derived from the video is Fox News brought in the
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Unformatted text preview: CEO Robert Strang of Investigative Management Group to give his professional analysis on the incident. With a large news media bringing in an outside person that is the CEO of an investigative group shows that the report is unbiased. Fox News is showing that they want to make sure they are giving the best and least biased information to the public. I queried the Investigative Management Group and located their web site at Robert Strang has been a guest on several large news media groups as an analyst on security issues. After reading Robert Strang’s Bio only re-enforces my stance that Mr. Strang is unbiased and trustworthy. Al Qaeda Airlines...
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