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Christopher McSweeney EC 350: Capitalism and Its Critics Dr. DiLorenzo Exam #3 December 7, 2009 1) The essential economic and philosophical differences between fascism and capitalism are very conflicting. Benito Mussolini explains that fascism can never be influenced directly or indirectly by economics. This is a direct conflict with capitalism. Capitalism depends on the indirect influence of government and the direct influence of the consumer. Indirectly, capitalism depends on the government not to become involved in the economy so that the consumer establishes a price system which will instruct the privately owned means of production to correctly allocate the resources. Also there are differences between a capitalist and a fascist society concerning the majority. In a capitalist society the consumers are able to vote who stays in production and who fails by voting with their dollars. However in fascism the majority is not allowed to do this through just mere numbers. This is also due to the fact that in the eyes of fascism not everyone is equal; certain citizens have rights over others. This is untrue in a capitalist society where everyone is held to the same rights and laws, and there is only differentiation based on your ability to earn an income, ideally. Otherwise many businesses would go bankrupt, if they did not hire the most qualified workers because the competition would. In a fascist economy the government controls each industry, not the consumers. This is due to the fact that the state comes before the individual and the individual’s pre-existed rights to protect their lives, freedoms, and property. Fascism only serves the individual as long as it coincides with the interest of the state. Government in capitalism is the servant of the people. While in fascism, the role of the government is as the master.
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I think we can most definitely say that at least part of the U.S. economy could be
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exam3 - Christopher McSweeney EC 350: Capitalism and Its...

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