CP Biology A - The Black Striped Wallaby

CP Biology A - The Black Striped Wallaby - to a critical...

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The Black Striped Wallaby ( Macropus dorsalis ) Black striped Wallabies,  Macropus dorsalis  or the Scrub Wallaby, are  smaller versions of kangaroos. There are about 30 species of Wallabies, which  many of them live in different places, such as Pandemelons, or forest-dwellers.  They can be as small as a rabbit or up to 6 feet long.  Black Striped Wallabies are scattered across Australia, in remote, heavily  timbered areas. They are often his by traffic, and now the population is lowered 
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Unformatted text preview: to a critical level. Deforestation, wildfires and extinction of local groups make the population even lower. They are also hunted by foxes. Since they travel in small groups of about 20, a group can go extinct easily. They all run in one direction when they are in danger. To protect them, groups are managing predatory foxes, report illegal killings, monitor populations, controlling weeds, and preventing grazing....
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