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Group 1 Mehmet Bayram Ms. Canorozzi Jan 1 2005 Chapter 4 Miss Sasaki was in the Goddess of Mercy primary school. A man who was in the same hospital seemed to have grown fond of her. He lent her a Japanese translation of De Maupassant but could only concentrate 5 minutes at a time. At the end of August, she was moved to an engineering school. Her leg didn’t improve so they bound it with crude splints and went to the Red Cross Hospital on September 9. She saw the ruins of Hiroshima for the first time. She was horrified. She was put under the care of Dr. Sasaki in the Red Cross Hospital. Since she was a woman and her last name was Sasaki, he put her in a semi-private room with mats.
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Unformatted text preview: In her record card he wrote: In good general health; that she had a compound fracture of the left tibia, with swelling of the lower leg; that her skin and visible mucous membrane were heavily spotted with petechiae, or hemorrhages the size of grains of rice. She also had a fever but her head, eyes, throat, lungs and heart were apparently normal. He was going to put a cast around her leg but he didn’t have anymore Plaster of Paris left. He just told her to take some aspirin for her fever. Father Kliensorge came to visit her and she talked about religion....
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