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English 9 - Laketown - spot which is not covered by gems or...

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Sept 3  The Lake Town Times Mehmet Akif Bayram- Lake Town In times of worry and fear, we have seen our well trained archers and Militia battle with evil and in war, but the most challenging has passed since the evil Smaug, Former Dragon King of the Mountain has been killed. He was killed by Bard, the Captain of the Archers, with his special Black arrow. His generation has passed on the Black Arrow, which has never failed and never will. While Captain Bard’s, now King Bard’s, infantry was helplessly aiming at the dragon, a thrush came and told the king to aim for the hollow
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Unformatted text preview: spot, which is not covered by gems or gold. We all know that Thrushes are known to send messages, but who told this thrush to send its message remains a mystery to us. Who knows, it might even be a hobbit! Even though Lake Town is in Partial Ruins, we hope our king Bard will be able to build the city, better than before. “The gold and gems from the dragon’s body will pay for the construction.” Said King Bard. By: Mehmet Akif Bayram...
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