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English 9 -The Lady or the Tiger

English 9 -The Lady or the Tiger - her raise her right arm...

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Mehmet Bayram September 18, 2005 English 9 The Lady or the Tiger? The second the Princess raised her right arm, the prince rushed toward the right door, trusting his love that behind that door was a lady waiting to be married. What nobody knew was that how furious the King was at the boy. He didn't want the boy to live in any way. The King had devised an ingenious plan for the time. He had told all the crew and people that worked besides him that the tiger was in the right door and the Lady in the left door. He knew that his daughter would bribe the crew and find out which side the lady and the tiger were. What he did not know was how selfish the princess was. He thought she would surely choose the lady but she chose the tiger. The King was staring at his daughter for any sign of a hint. He had just noticed
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Unformatted text preview: her raise her right arm, and then it came to him, he told everybody that the tiger was in the right door, but he was sure of his daughter to choose the left door. He never knew that his daughter was semi barbaric like him. But it was too late, the boy had opened the door and the marriage had already started. Weeks after the incident the Princess went crazy, seeing the boy and the lady all over the papers and went crazy. The King couldn't take the sadness of his daughter and went to the top of the arena and jumped off. His daughter became the crazy queen and she destroyed the city and brought wars to the world. Lucky for the boy and his wife, they were banned from the city and moved to a different peaceful city....
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