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Other - What is a Teacher

Other - What is a Teacher - needed You need a four or five...

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What is a Teacher? A teacher is a person who teaches classes. There are many kinds of teacher, each with a skill of a subject they studied. They may have studied one or more subjects and teaches them both. In kindergarten, elementary school, and secondary school, all the teachers are getting their students ready for college. There are teachers for many subjects such as Art, Drama, Science, English, Languages, Social Studies and etc. What you need to become a Teacher To become a teacher, you need at least a bachelor’s degree but it depends on the field you want to teach. In most states, advanced training is
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Unformatted text preview: needed. You need a four or five year college. There are traditional and alternative ways to become a teacher. The Alternative way is licensing and certification programs in states with a shortage of teachers in a particular field. The programs are usually short-term and serious in order to get professionals into the classroom quickly. Candidates for teaching should be: • Among the highest academic performers • Well versed in the subjects they teach • Knowledgeable about how to teach • Committed to teaching and learning • Eager to make a difference in students' lives...
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