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APUSH - AMSCO Chapter 3

APUSH - AMSCO Chapter 3 - Mehmet Bayram APUSH 1 The answer...

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Mehmet Bayram 11/3/06 APUSH 1. The answer is C. The Great Awakening made religion very personal to ones self. People stayed at home and read the Bible. Jonathan Edwards said that ordinary people didn’t need a minister to understand gospels. (Garraty 87) 2. The answer is E. People always looked at the Bible for authority. The people went to ministers and confessed their sins so it could be “excused.” George Whitefield came from England and told people that God would only save people who confessed. (Garraty 87) 3. The answer is A. People did start to believe that they themselves could make their own decisions, not the ministers. There was more emotion in churches because of the confessing. Protestant ministers started to lose power because people read the Bible at home. (Garraty 88) 4. The answer is B. Immigrants weren’t only from Great Britain; they were also from France and German kingdoms. Some people left for religious freedom, and some for economic prosperity. They mostly settled in the middle colonies.
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