APUSH - AMSCO Chapter 4

APUSH - AMSCO Chapter 4 - Mehmet Bayram 11/1/06 APUSH 1....

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Mehmet Bayram 11/1/06 APUSH 1. Which of the following does NOT express a British Criticism of the colonies in 1763? a. Samuel Adams and other colonial leaders organized opposition to British authority. b. Many colonists showed disloyalty by failing to support the war effort c. The colonial militia was badly trained d. Although the colonies benefited from British victory, they failed to pay their fair share. e. The Virginians under George Washington disobeyed orders in attacking a French fort. A1: D ? 2. “After the French and Indian War, the British government tried to make Americans pay for British protection in the colonies.” Each of the following supports this statement EXCEPT the a. Stamp Act b. Sugar Act c. Quartering Act d. Townsend Acts e. Quebec Act A2: E – The Quebec Act set out procedures to govern Canadian Lands that were gotten from France. The residents didn’t get as angry and protest as much as the residents of the thirteen colonies did. (http://www.u-s-history.com/pages/h648.html) 3. Pontiac’s Rebellion was a reaction to a. The building of Fort Duquesne b. The westward movement of English settlers c. French control of the fur trade d. The Proclamation of 1763 e. The outbreak of the French and Indian War A3: B – It was called Pontiacs rebellion because it was led by a chief named Pontiac. The
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APUSH - AMSCO Chapter 4 - Mehmet Bayram 11/1/06 APUSH 1....

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