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APUSH - AMSCO Chapter 12

APUSH - AMSCO Chapter 12 - Mehmet Bayram AMSCO 12 April 2...

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Mehmet Bayram AMSCO 12 April 2, 2007 1. The answer is D. James Polk of Tennessee was nominated for the Democratic Nomination of 1844. Polk favored the occupation of Texas, Oregon, and California. Polk was a dependent of Andrew Jackson. He was committed to the expansion of the United States and the idea of manifest destiny. http://www.whitehouse.gov/history/presidents/jp11.html 2. The answer is B. President Polk wanted to persuade Mexico to sell the California and New Mexico territories to the United States and to settle a dispute over the border of Texas and Mexico. Mexico did not sell California and New Mexico Territories, and they did not accept that the border was near the Rio Grande River. Mexico insisted that it was further north, near the Nueces River. http://statelibrary.dcr.state.nc.us/nc/bio/public/polk.htm 3. The answer is D. The main reason was the opposition in Congress to adding a new slave state. The other reasons were that Mexico outlawed slavery and made all immigrants convert to Roman Catholicism. Many settlers ignored this and Mexico closed Texas to
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