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APUSH - Benjamin Franklin

APUSH - Benjamin Franklin - President of the society until...

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1. Brand’s calls Franklin “the First American.” Assess the validity of this statement. Benjamin Franklin is widely considered to be “the First American.” He was a great inventor, scientist, and statesman. These were very hard things to be in the time of colonial America since there weren’t cultural and commercial institutions to help promote those ideas. Benjamin Franklin should be thought as the first American. When the Stamp act was enacted by Parliament, Franklin believed that there was nothing to be done, but when he saw how much the Americans hated it, he changed his mind. He wrote a series of essays after he was energized by the American resistance. The Stamp Act was soon repealed thanks to his efforts. Even though he worked hard for repealing the Stamp Act, he still found time to continue his scientific experiments. In 1743 he created the American Philosophical Society, which gathered scientists and they talked about their discoveries. . He was the
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Unformatted text preview: President of the society until his death in 1790. Franklin invented many things we use today such as Bifocal glasses, and the long arm. In 1771, he started to write an Autobiography of himself which became his most well-known written work. The format for the book was a letter to his son, William, telling him how he became successful. He was the voice of America in Britain, as the first and best American Diplomat. Benjamin Franklin lived an American life, representing America, helping America and freeing America. He became a symbol for America and American Patriotism around the world and in history. Franklin was the “first” American person. 2. Discuss Franklin’s efforts on behalf of Pennsylvania (and by extension the BNAC) against the enactment of the Stamp Act and for its eventual repeal. To what extent did Franklin use his relationship with Grenville and other Prominent British authorities to further his objectives?...
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APUSH - Benjamin Franklin - President of the society until...

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