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Mehmet Bayram APUSH 1 12/7/06 Franklin should have more aggressively sought to obtain Canada. Assess the Validity of this statement. This statement is more valid than it is invalid. Canada could have provided many useful features that the United States didn’t already have. The country would have had much more room to expand and prosper, since Canada was a big fur trader. Canada had much room to expand, but it was being governed by a country thousands of miles away. If the United States of America had gained it, it would have been much more productive in trade and economy. The economy of the United States would have been much better if they acquired
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Unformatted text preview: Canada because they were big fur traders. When the French first arrived to Canada, they traded weapons for fur. The trading could’ve helped the economy very much. The land in Canada would have helped the American economy and people grow. It would have provided space for increasing productivity. The resources available to trade would be very helpful. The statement is valid and invalid, but it depends on the point of view you look at it. Canada would have made a great addition to the United States of America since its good qualities outweigh the bad qualities....
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