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APUSH - Civil War - Mehmet Bayram APUSH 1 April 15th 2007...

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Mehmet Bayram APUSH 1 April 15 th , 2007 In 1860, the United States was locked in Civil War; it divided the country between the North and South . The American Civil War was one of the most controversial periods of the history of the United States . A common misconception was that the American Civil War was fought over slavery, when in fact there were several other reasons why the War Between the States was fought . Many factors and tensions caused this war, but the main ones were states’ rights, major political personalities, and territorial expansion . The Civil War lasted for four years, from 1861-1865 . It was between the American people; primarily the northern states vs . the southern states . The South was called the Confederate States of America and was led by President Jefferson Davis . The North was still known as the United States of America, or the Union, and the people were called the Yankees or sometimes the Federals . They were led by President Abraham Lincoln . If you were to ask the average person the causes of the War Between the States, that person would most likely answer with one word: slavery . However, this was not the only cause . Slavery had been a historical problem before the war . Slavery came up in debate during the making of the American Constitution, and both Northern and Southern states held slaves . In the eyes of some Southerners, slavery was a necessary evil . The South accepted this idea as a way of life . The South found slavery highly profitable and knew their economy would collapse without it . Slavery, they believed, had to slowly die out, not instantly be destroyed, or the South could no longer raise the crops on which the American economy depended . 1 | P a g e
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Mehmet Bayram APUSH 1 April 15 th , 2007 Many Northerners opposed slavery but still believed that black people were inferior to them . One main concerns of the North was the fear of a mass black movement . This would mean fewer jobs for the whites . Several Northern states passed laws making it nearly impossible for blacks, freedmen or escaped slaves, to live in their states . They were only later accepted in to the army when the South started to use them as soldiers, and the North saw they were valuable as soldiers .
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