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APUSH - Dirt Essay 2 - gallons per capita with the help of...

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Mehmet Bayram APUSH March 15, 2007 2. How did the consumption of liquor and the efforts to control that consumption impact life in the Antebellum US? Men in America usually went to taverns to drink, and the rise in that amount went up to 5 gallons per capita. This was not a normal number at that time, and because of that, the local governments and Federal government wanted to moderate the amount of alcohol drinking. The American Temperance Society helped the need for moderation. A big reason why alcohol was consumed a lot in life in the Antebellum Period is that water was something that was dangerous to drink. Water purifiers were not invented yet, and alcohol itself was clean and was known to help stay clean, in a way. Getting clean water was also a task, like cleaning yourself at the time. The American Temperance Society was finding ways to lower the amount of alcohol consumption. They helped make the consumption fall to a low one and a half
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Unformatted text preview: gallons per capita with the help of Doctors. The doctors said that the alcohol was a physical poison and a moral poison. Many religious groups prohibited abuse of alcohol. Alcohol caused fights and domestic violence. It made families fall apart because the head of the family, the man, would come home drunk without any money or food. Prostitution and murder were a couple more of the sad things that were Mehmet Bayram APUSH March 15, 2007 caused by alcohol. If the government were able to lower the amount of alcohol consumed, the amount of crime would get lower. Alcohol caused many things, and aided only because it was something clean to drink. The American Temperance Society greatly aided in lowering the amount of alcohol drinking to less than half of what it was in some places....
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