NPB 128 Final Study Questions Set II

NPB 128 Final Study Questions Set II - NPB 128 Final Study...

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1. Develop the argument that thyroid hormones are key regulators of anuran metamorphosis. a. Gudernatsch experiments showed that injecting extracts from the thyroid gland into tadpole anurans would produce frog characteristics early (tail resorption, development of hindlimbs). b. Thyroid hormone increases at stage 52 and corresponds with metamorphological changes in the anuran. Thyroid hormone peaks at the hallmark of metamorphosis: tail resorption. c. TSH, which induces thyroid hormone, accelerates metamorphosis. d. Removing the pituitary gland prevents metamorphosis. i. Other hormones are also removed so this particular experiment doesn’t say too much. e. TSH alpha and beta genes are expressed at the onset of metamorphosis. 2. What are three types of changes that occur to tissues during anuran metamorphosis? Give an example of each. a. Loss of larval tissue: tail, gills b. Modification of larval tissue for new functions: digestive tract, CNS, special senses, liver, skin c. Gain of new adult structures: limbs, lungs 3. How is the timing of tissue responses in anuran metamorphosis thought to be achieved? a. ***Question*** b. Changes such as development of limbs occurs before changes such as resorption of tail. c. Thyroid hormone cause these changes but T4 levels should be the same in all tissues. d. It is the timing of type II deiodinase D2 that determines the timing of tissue responses. i. Why? We don’t know, something to do with the promoter. Shift from D3 to D2 in tail delayed rise of D2 and D3 drops off. WHats so special about the tail’s promoter? ii.
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NPB 128 Final Study Questions Set II - NPB 128 Final Study...

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