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NPB102 Chapter 3 Study Guide

NPB102 Chapter 3 Study Guide - NPB 102 Chapter 3 Book...

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NPB 102 Chapter 3 Book Notes -Behavior development is interaction between genes and internal and external environment -Misconception: instinct = nature, learning = nurture without any input from the other -worker bees progress in profession: cleaner → nurse → forager -study its gene activity to see what gene expression factors cause the change -gene expression levels were different in 2000 genes -BUT since the genes and molecular components that produce these genetic effects come from chemical substances, which come from diet, there are ENVIRONMENTAL factors too -juvenile hormone increases at 3 weeks so the bee becomes a forager -bees that are treated with juvenile hormone become foragers early, remove the gland = stay a nurse -what causes hormone levels to increase??? -foragers produce and store ethyl oleate which they pass to nurses, which inhibits hormone, so they transition to forager more slowly -conclusion: behavior is caused by gene-environment interactions
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