notes2 - 19:33 Transition fro the Yuan to Ming Dynasty...

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19:33 Transition fro the Yuan to Ming Dynasty Porcelains-> production and Organization Rectption, Design and Market Designs Prints Historical Background Zhu Yuanzhuang, Emperor Hongw or Taizu (1328-1398) o Established capital in Nanjing; named new dynasty “Ming” (bright and clear) o Despotic rule; purges at court o Only one of 2 commoners who became emperor other one was from the Hun dynasty poor parents and at age 15 he was forced to enter monastery as monk went on packing tribes came back and temple was gone so he became a rebel as well. He defeated the Mongols so then he was able to defeat rivals as well. o He did a lot of things to help the people more households into state registry to tax and get money for government o He was suspicious of any educated people--. Didn’t like scholar officials. Under his reign new type of purges in the court. He needed to maintain constant defense against the Mongols Mongols continued to post a major threat to the Chinese. China at the turn of the 15 th century o Usurpation of Chengzu or the Yongle Emperor (1403-24) o Rebuilding of the Great Wall o Reestablishment of tribute system
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Form of international diplomacy sent out embassies all around the world--. Alliance with China. buy protection of the Chinese. Porcelains would be number one choice for gifts. o The 7 voyages of the Zheng He (1405-1433) Serve at court who castrated males Undertook 7 voyages around the world 1 st one to south east Asia Africa o Move capital back to Beijing Invention of Porcelain Rise of the town of Jungdezhen, Jiangxi Kaolin with low iron content, and felspathic China stone (petuntse) Cobalt pigments imported from Near East. Ding wear is a prototype leading up to Porcelain.
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notes2 - 19:33 Transition fro the Yuan to Ming Dynasty...

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