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Fall 2009 Syllubus-rev-10-23-09

Fall 2009 Syllubus-rev-10-23-09 - Loyola Marymount...

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Loyola Marymount University Department of Asian Pacific American Studies Fall Semester 2009 47996 / APAM 453.01 An Introduction to the Filipino American Experience Wednesdays - 7:15pm to 9:45pm (class starts ON TIME) St. Robert's Hall 246 Student Class Syllabus (rev. 10/23//09) INSTRUCTOR: Florante Peter Ibanez, MLIS, MA EMAIL : [email protected] PHONE: work 213-736-1431 / cell 310-218-8257 OFFICE HOURS: Mondays 10am-Noon – University Hall 4424 (need to meet at least twice) Wednesdays 6pm-7pm – St. Robert’s Hall – Basement Computer Lab COURSE DESCRIPTION/ PRINCIPAL TOPICS: This course will examine the interplay of historical, political, social, and cultural factors that have, and continue to, influence the Filipino American experience in the United States. It will begin with an overview of the history of the Philippines, including colonization, American imperialism, independence and continued U.S. Philippines relations. In addition, students will be introduced to the historical and contemporary issues of Filipino Americans in the United States and the unique social factors that affect Filipinos in particular, as well as issues similar to other ethnic/racial minority populations. The course will employ lectures, discussion groups, guest speakers, and film/videos to cover the range of the Filipino-American experience. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: To reflect upon what it has meant to be a social being in a variety of historical and cultural contexts, with special attention to issues of immigrant/U.S-born status, class, race, ethnicity and gender. Students will examine the process of social and cultural change in the United States and overseas and how discriminatory or oppressive laws, policies, political systems and norms have (or have not) been set aside, overcome or replaced. They gain knowledge of the disciplines within the social sciences including methodologies, theories and concepts of analysis as well as to be able to take the analytical tools presented in the class and apply them in positive ways to achieve a more equitable and just society. PREREQUISITES/ RECOMMENDED BACKGROUND: None REQUIRED TEXTS: Filipino Americans: Transformation and Identity by Maria P.P. Root Filipinos in Carson and the South Bay by Florante Peter Ibanez & Roselyn Estepa Ibanez CHECK BLACKBOARD for Class - Selected Handouts and Articles available on-line or on Library Reserve COURSE WORK/ EXPECTATIONS: Students are expected to have reading and writing assignments prepared before the beginning of each class. Papers are to be double spaced and printed or typed using Times Roman 12. Occasional response papers of 1-2 pages will be assigned (10%) as well as a collaborative presentation based on class themes (20%). Larger requirements include a TAKE HOME Mid-term exam (25%) and one final paper (20%) and final exam (25%). Regular attendance and participation is mandatory . Students are also expected to meet individually with the instructor at least twice during the course .
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