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ME429 Fall 2009 HW4 - harmonic force of amplitude 350 N at...

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Assigned on 26.10.2009 Monday Due date 02.11.2009 Monday, beginning of the lecture ME429 Fall 2009 HW4 You are expected to provide clear explanation of each step in your solution, units, well annotated scaled plots (title, axis labels, units, . .), not random hand sketches, source code attached to your solution if you use a software package. 1) A structure showing hysteresis damping characteristics is subjected to a load of 5000 N which causes a static displacement of 0.05 m. When the same structure is subjected to a
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Unformatted text preview: harmonic force of amplitude 350 N at resonance, the resulting steady state response amplitude is 0.11 m. Find a) the loss factor η , b) the steady state amplitude at 0.5 ω n c) the steady state amplitude at 2 ω n . 2) Using the stiffness and damping values found in the above problem, plot the complex response amplitude of the system on complex plane (i.e. : Im( X *) vs. Re( X *)) using the frequency ratio, ω / ω n , as the independent parameter....
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